IN THEE STAITS SERVIS 151 Younger's crew [Utrecht], 20 April 1665. 112 ZA, Rek. C 8317. Payment of Ducatoons to Evertsen's crew, 23 May 1672. 113 ZA, Rek. C 8315. Payment request and receipt for Alexander Swain, 21 November 1672. 114 ZA, Rek. C 8316. Payment request and receipt for James McDool, 26 November 1672. ZA, Rek. C 8317. Payroll of Den Visschers Herder18 May 1673. 115 ZA, Rek. C 6995. Payroll of Het Hoff van Zeelandt, December 1664. 116 Bruijn, Dutch navy133-134; Bruijn, Varend Verleden, 168. 117 NA (DH), Collectie Aanwinsten van de voormalige Eerste Afdeeling van het Algemeen Rijksarchief, 438. Pay book of Gouden Leeuw, 1673. My thanks to drs R. van Velden for this document's location. 118 NA (K), SP 29/305, f. 18. Silas Taylor to Williamson, 2 April 1672. See also CSPD 1671-1672, 267. 119 Bruijn, Varend Verleden, 168. 120 R. Esser, 'Naval Heroes and the Shaping of Dutch National Identity', unpublished paper given at the Northern European Research Network [NEHRN] Conference, University of Akureyri, Iceland, 23 May 2002, 10. De Ruyter spoke pretty good English, as a motley band of English diplomats - including Ambassador Downing's son - found on a rather surreal visit to the great man's house in February 1672. De Ruyter 'received us courteously and made us tast a glasse of Navarre wine a present lately made him by the Count de Guiche. He spoke all English and not ill.' Incredibly, with the explosion of open war imminent, the party had earlier been allowed to wander freely round the dockyard and naval arsenal at Amsterdam. See NA (K), SP 84/188 f. 77. Vernon to Williamson, Feb 2, 1672. 121 Barbour, 'Dutch and English Merchant Shipping', citing Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Pepysian Library, vol II, 32. Pepys to Sir Thomas Allin, 21 August 1673. 122 There were 17,368 seamen (excluding marines) in the Dutch battle fleet Kijkduin, 1673 and over 21,500 men at Lowestoft, 1665. See Bruijn, Varend Verleden, 112, 117.

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