140 IN THEE STAITS SERVIS Plate 6. Drawing of a medal minted after the death of Cornelis Evertsen on June 14th 1666. ZA, KZGW, Zel.Ill. 111-840. crew. Also from Dysart was the seaman John Williamson, whilst Alan Alanson, gunners mate, and the seaman Peter George came from Bo'ness. All joined in June/July 1664 and served aboard at least until January 1666.'" Evertsen the Younger was promoted Vice-admiral in 1666. Swain and Thomson served with him again in the Third Dutch War, aboard his flagship Zierikzee. They were once more at the core of a cluster of Scots; this time accompanied by seven Kirkcaldy seamen (including the family members Matthew, Thomas and William Brown) and Peter Adrianson from Bo'ness."2 Like Banckert's hardcore followers, Alexander Swain was also an educated man, though his 'labour elite' gunnery spe cialisation would have made such high literacy much more of a requirement through the probable use of gunnery handbooks and the necessity of keeping

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