Appendix: Chronology 144 IN THEE STAITS SERVIS 1641 Orange Stuart: marriage of Willem II and Mary, daughter of Charles I 1649 Execution of Charles I: The Interregnum 1650 Death of William II; no Stadholder 1652-1654 First Anglo-Dutch War 1660 The Stuart Restoration: Charles II returns to Britain from exile 1664-1667 Second Anglo-Dutch War 1672-1674 Third Anglo-Dutch War (Britain allied to France) 1672 William III Stadholder 1677 Orange Stuart: marriage of William III Mary, daughter of James, Duke of York 1685 Death of Charles II: accession of Duke of York as James II 1688 William III invades England: The 'Glorious' or Williamite Revolution 1688-1697 Nine Years' War ('William's War') 1702-1713 War of the Spanish Succession ('Anne's War')

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