IN THEE STAITS SERVIS 149 datyemandt eenige hope kan hebben van verhooginge. Andersins is matroos meester ende den state gestelt ter discretie van Jan HaegeCSee Bruijn, Varend Verleden, 163-4. Similar English translation given in P.C. van Royen, 'The "National" Maritime Labour Market: Looking for Common Characteristics', in "Those Emblems of Hell"?, 9, citing C.R. Boxer, 'Sedentary Workers and Seafaring Folk in the Dutch Republic', in J.S. Bromley E.H. Kossman (eds.), Britain and the Netherlands (2 vols., Groningen, 1964), II, 148-68. See also RowenJohn de Witt, 576; Bruijn, Dutch Navy, 129; J.R. Jones, The Anglo-Dutch Wars of the Seventeenth Century (London, 1996), 47. 78 B. Capp, 'Appleton, Henry (d. 1657)', ODNB [ cle/596]. 79 Captain Henry Appleton to Navy Committee, 5 August 1652, CSPD 1651-1652, 358. 80 An alternative that should have taken the profiteering brokers out of the loop failed: later in the century Navy Office clerks were permitted to cash the tickets for a percent age as attorneys. Rampant abuse, however, in the form of exorbitant fees led to the pro hibition of this practise in 1707. The practice was reintroduced in 1751 with a cap of 3d in the pound on the clerks' fees. See S.F. Gradish, The Manning of the British Navy during the Seven Years'War (London, 1980), 97. 81 CSPD 1665-1666, 75; CSPD 1666-1667, 426; CSPD 1667, xxx-xxxi, 189-90. 82 NA (K), SP 29/209, f. 101. Rotterdam Gazette, no. 59, 25 July 1667, extract, [report dated 14/24 July 1667.] See also CSPD 1667, lx, 323. Note the sanitisation of the abstract in the latter. 83 Rowen, John de Witt, 576-7, citing Vivien to De Witt, 15 May 1665, NA (DH), Staten van Holland D4l; R. Fruin N. Japikse, Brieven van Johan de Witt (Amsterdam, 1912), vol. II, 218. 84 Rowen, John de Witt, 576 nl9, citing De Witt to Lodesteyn, 18 February 1665, NA (DH), Staten van Holland 2656; De Witt to Vivien, 30 April 1665, Brieven van Johan de Witt, vol. Ill, 32-34. 85 Bruijn, Varend Verleden, 163. See also Bruijn, Dutch Navy, 130. 86 NA (DH), Admiraliteitscolleges 3084. Muster roll of Het Wapen van West-Vriesland, 1683. 87 Dutch wage levels during the two long wars at the end of the period of study are based on Bruijn, Dutch navy, 130; Bruijn, Varend Verleden, 163. Some other data is also from this source: Bruijn, Dutch navy, 58, 129, 199; Bruijn, Varend Verleden, 163-164, 171. Additional sources: ZA, Rek. C, Ontvanger Generaal, Acquitten, [Payrolls 1664-8], passim; NA (DH), Admiraliteitscolleges 3084. Muster roll of Het Wapen van West- Vriesland, 1683; NA (EC), SP 84/188, f. 150. [Samuel Tucker] to Pedro Antonio Fernandes, 26 March/5 April 1672; NA (K), SP 29/305, f. 40. Silas Taylor to Williamson, 4 April 1672; De Jonge, Nederlandsche Zeewezen, vol. I, 321, n. 1; First Dutch War, vol. I, 106; Abstract of a letter from Blake', 7/17 December 1652, French Occurrences, 220, BL E 683, 26, Ibid, vol. Ill, 20, 134; Ibid, vol. V, 223, 234; 'Extracts from letters of intelligence from Holland', 1/11 July 1653, A Collection of the State papers of John Thurloe, ed. J. Birch (1742), vol. I, 324; CSPD 1671-1672, 229, 246; CSPD 1673, 60; J.I. Israel, The Dutch Republic: Its Rise, Greatness and Fall 1477-1806 (Oxford, 1995), 352; N.A.M. Rodger, The Safeguard of the Sea: A Naval History of Britain, Volume I (London, 1997), 500-503; Capp, Cromwell's Navy, 259. Note: Published grouped data where large ranges in dates and rates exist has not been includ ed (e.g. K. Davids, 'Maritime Labour in the Netherlands, 1570-1870', in "Those Emblems of Hell", 67; Francke, Utiliteyt, 107). Professor Israel's very high figure (30 ft) for 1665 seems to have been ignored by Dutch historians and is - regretfully - not included here. See Israel, Dutch Republic, 769. Comparison based on an exchange rate of 2 shillings/1 guilder. See NA (K), SP 84/188, ff. 148-149. An accompt of Sir George Downings Extraordinaryes in his Ambasse into Holland', 1672; First Dutch War, vol. I, 104, n. 4; Ibid, vol. Ill, 134. Elsewhere the rate is given, around 1641, as 1.75s/l_/7. See

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